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10529280-1395068394-710668BCCAs (Amino Acids): Do I Need Them for Body Building?

If you are looking to build your muscles and strength, you will need to understand how branched chain amino acids can greatly aid you.

Without amino acids, you will not see the results you wish.

Branched chain amino acid (otherwise known as BCAA) supplements are used by muscle builders globally.

Read this article to understand how BCCAs can make a difference as you try to build your body up.

BCAAs: What Are They?

BCCAs refer to the amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Without these amino acids, your muscles will not be able to grow as you would like them too.

Furthermore, your body can not produce these amino acids alone. As a result, if you do not take the right BCAA supplements, you will be greatly missing out.

How do BCAAs Help Me Body Build?

BCCAs prepare your body and supports muscle growth in a variety of ways.

Provide Energy: Your body needs amino acids regularly, but most of the amino acids that keep you healthy are typically metabolized by the liver.

This is not true for BCCAs, which are metabolized by your muscle tissue. As this happens, your body will produce energy that your muscles can use during muscle contraction. Without this, you will not be able to lift any weights.

Enhance Performance: To train, your body needs glycogen. BCCAs help by saving the glycogen in your body, which eventually leads to more glycogen being available to you.

They also help fat oxidation when your tissues are depleted of glycogen. Because of the higher glycogen levels available to you, BCCAs allow you to train for longer periods of time as well as recover much quicker than before.

Help Out Your Anabolic Hormones: Protein synthesis works because of the work anabolic hormones, such as testosterone, put in. Without protein synthesis, your muscles will not grow.

BCCAs cause more anabolic hormones to be released. At the same time, BCCAs prevent catabolic hormones, such as glucagon, from being too effective, which helps out tremendously as catabolic hormones work against you and break down muscle tissue.

Increase Fat Loss: BCCAs, especially leucine, help you lose fat. This is because leucine allows insulin work better, promoting muscle growth as well as fat loss.

As mentioned before, glycogen levels are boosted by BCCAs. Glycogen also conveniently speeds up the process of fat loss considerably.

Work as Signaling Molecules

As signaling molecules, BCCAs help signal the body to build muscles. Leucine, in particular, excels at this as well. Because of what it does, protein synthesis is activated, which helps the body produce new proteins that lead to muscle tissue growth.

Leucine alone is not effective however. A combination of the BCAAs is works out much better.

How Much of BCAAs Should I Take and When?

Experts recommend you taking BCAAs before and after working out. However, the amount you should take completely depends on your size, weight, and your body’s specific requirements.

Start Taking BCAAs Today!

There is no need for you to work harder than you need to. Let BCAAs do some of the work for you. Start today, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much easier body building can be.

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