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tavsfoto_phen375_appetite_suppressant_7Losing weight isn’t easy – usually it involves denying yourself all the foods you really like, and spending at least a few hours a week following a tough exercise regime.

This is the time of year we start thinking about how we’re going to get our bodies ‘beach ready’ but few of us will actually reach our goals by summer.

I won’t go into the reasons why, but it suffices to say most people would take a shortcut if they thought there was one available to make losing weight easier.

There’s no ‘magic pill’ out there that will make the fat just melt away, but there is a diet pill on the market that is a very useful weight loss aid that actually works.

It’s called Phen375 and we’re going to discuss it in this article.


What is Phen375?

This is a diet pill that is designed to help you control your appetite, making it easier to make healthier dietary choices.

Because it suppresses the appetite, you will eat less calories and lose weight quickly and easily. It also has fat burning properties and can boost the metabolism.

According to the supplier website, it is proven to show an average weight loss of 25lbs in just 6 weeks.

The pharmaceutical grade compounds burn away body fat forcing your body into high gear even when it wants to slow down.

What is it supposed to do?

The following are some of the benefits of taking Phen375 (as mentioned on the official website):

  • Boosts metabolism for faster weight loss
  • Reduces physical fatigue and increases energy levels
  • Restores mental alertness
  • Aids in the burning of fat in the body
  • Suppresses the appetite for reduced intake of calories
  • Reduces bloating and increases water loss

The ingredients

The following is just a really quick rundown of some of the ingredients and what they do.

For a more scientific explanation of these ingredients and their purpose visit the official website.

L-carnitine mimics HCG in the body, which helps to release body fat into the blood stream. This increases energy and helps your body burn fat faster and easier.

LongJack Tongkate ALI 50:1 helps to stop muscle deterioration (which many people suffer from when on a diet). It aids in the burning of stored fat instead of muscle.

1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, increases cyclic AMP levels. This helps to boost energy, and creates a thermogenic action in the body. This ingredient is the one that super charges your metabolism helping you to burn fat and calories quicker.

1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine aids in the suppression of the appetite, helping you to decrease your food intake and increase metabolism to burn fat cells.

Capsaicin increases the body’s temperature helping it to burn up to 270 calories extra each day.

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Is this diet pill legal?

Yes, absolutely. This does NOT contain the banned Phentermine drug from the original Phentermine diet pills.

Phentemine 375 is a brand new formulation which was released in 2009 – it has none of the negative side effects of the original drug, but is just as powerful when it comes to promoting weight loss.

There are no known side effects at all.

Phen375 pros

  • All weight loss claims are backed up by or (two reputable authority websites).
  • The supplement is manufactured in an FDA approved facility.
  • Only top quality pharmaceutical grade synthesised ingredients are used in the manufacture of Phen375.
  • Currently no prescription is required.
  • For those who work out, this supplement can help physical work out performance, and enhance muscle building capability.

Phen375 cons

  • As with any diet supplement, best results are achieved when combined with an appropriate diet plan (you can download diet plans free from the official website).

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Is there proof that it really works?

When looking for proof the main thing we look for is real customer reviews. Are people using the product and getting good results? Are they actually losing weight? Are they experiencing any side effects? We took a look online to see what information we could find, and we found quite a bit of feedback, and alot of reviews from customers who have used the product.

The vast majority of this feedback was very positive, and many people are very happy with the results. To read some of these reviews and see before and after pictures just click on this link.

There are even some video diaries.

Our verdict

After carefully researching the ingredients in this product and what those ingredients actually do, we believe that this is one weight loss supplement that does actually work.

It suppresses the appetite, helping to kill hunger pangs and curb your cravings for sweets and junk food. It will also increase metabolism and help the body to burn more calories quicker.

Will you lose as much as they claim (3-5lbs per week)? That probably depends on the person, and how much effort you put in to the program.

It also depends on how overweight you are (the more weight you have to lose the more pounds you will drop, especially in the initial weeks of taking the supplement).

It is recommended for best results that you eat a healthy balanced diet, and get some exercise.

There are however free diet plans available to download from the website, so you don’t need to worry about looking for a diet plan.

And if you’re new to exercise, you can start small – even a 30 minute walk 3 times per week would be beneficial.

Where to buy Phen375?

Phen375 is manufactured and shipped from the USA to anywhere in the world.

Currently the only place you can buy these diet pills is direct from the official supplier’s website, click below to choose your package.


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