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winter packageStay Healthy with Napiers Complete Winter Package

Whether you wish to keep your immune system strong during the cold-weather months or wish to recover from a cold or flu faster than you normally would, you’ll benefit from ordering the Napiers Complete Winter Package today.

This exceptional supplement kit comes with a host of products which contain natural active ingredients that are proven to boost immunity and to help users get better faster, if they are unlucky enough to catch flus or colds.

In order to help you learn more about this impressive and holistic kit, we’ve created a practical quick guide.


What is the Napiers Winter Package?

This product is a kit which comes with three of Napiers’ most respected and beloved immunity support/flu and cold care products.

This exceptional kit offers a high level of performance and it includes a slow-release Napiers Vitamin C supplement (in convenient capsule form), a Wintertime Blend supplement, which is fortified with Elder Berry, Echinacea, Rose and Ginger extracts and a Wintertime Tea (also packed with a beneficial array of natural extracts).

Main Benefits of this Kit

The extracts in this kit are just so supportive to good health, especially during cold and flu season.

As you may already know, Vitamin C has an amazing and positive effect on the immune system.

The immune system is a buffer between you and illness, so keeping it strong with this system’s Vitamin C supplement will really work wonders.

In addition, the tea and additional supplement formula which are included in this reasonably-priced kit are designed to help you stay strong and healthy and to fight infections, due to their Echinacea and Elder Berry essences.

The Ginger Tea tastes wonderful and will aid digestion as it keeps you feeling great all winter long.


How Does it Work?

The natural extract blends which are featured in these products are the reason why they work so well.

When you use this system as directed, you’ll get the dietary support that you will need in order to enjoy good health.

High concentrations of pure extracts will offer the efficacy every user needs and deserves.

Will It Work for You?

If you use this formula according to the package directions, it should work very well.

Since it’s loaded with ingredients which have been used for centuries in order to treat colds and flus and boost immunity, it offers exceptional dietary support, without any downside.

If you’re tired of taking OTC or prescription-strength drugs in order to get or stay healthy, you’ll love what this formula has to offer.

In addition, since you’ll save money by purchasing this kit, rather than buying each product separately, you’ll get a truly great deal by choosing this Napiers system today.

Will This Kit Cause Side Effects?

Since it is all-natural, this kit shouldn’t trigger unwanted side effects. However, some users who have allergies to certain extracts may react to the products in the kits.

If you have an allergic reaction, simply discontinue usage.

Order Your Own Package Today

You deserve to feel good every day.

However, you will likely need immune system support in order to enjoy good health during the wintertime months.

After all, during this time of year, tons of colds and flus are going around, mostly because people are stuck inside together, away from the chill of the winter air.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most of health and wellness with this affordable and effective system.

We recommend you purchase the package from for £55.00 which is very inexpensive considering the package includes all the products below.


Package Includes: Napiers Vitamin C 1000mg Slow Release (90 capsules), Napiers Winter Blend (500ml) and our Wintertime Tea (100g).

Winter Blend Contains: Elder Berry Tincture, Echinacea Tincture, Rose Tincture and Ginger Tincture.


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